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A commitment to continuing educational requirements is important because it helps ensure that electrical power systems industry professionals perform at their best throughout their careers. NETAs learning opportunities appeal to NETA Certified Technicians as well as electrical power systems professionals at large, because the training focuses on the core competencies of quality, safety, and reliability. Order courses online here or call the NETA office 888-300-6382. NETA training courses are also a great way to prepare for certification exams. Register for exams now. Testing begins April 3 and runs through April 29. NETA offers many training resources to advance learning including on-demand courses that allow professionals to take the training with them wherever they go, and take advantage of down time between jobs. NETAs Training Library Includes: A collection of articles and papers from the past 10 years, including topics such as arc-flash, insulating oils, online diagnostics, transformers, circuit breakers, IR scanning, grounding systems, maintenance, protective relay, safety, and more. SAVE THE DATE: PowerTest 2018 Heads to Washington, D.C.

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